Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Throw Away That Jar!

How cute are glass jars... seriously, I think they're adorable. Not to mention they come free whenever you buy marinara, or jam, or salsa, or pretty much any pre-made sauce ever... Growing up I was accustomed to throwing away/recycling these jars, and one day it just hit me... What the hell am I doing throwing these away, and then spending money buying receptacles for things?

It's ridic, is what it is... Now we've all seen them used as lemonade glasses at country style establishments (Roadhouse Grill?), but what we don't realize is that the very jar that holds your BBQ sauce can make a really pretty vase. Just follow some simple steps. 

Ok, so the main obstacle for me was that damn label. That glue they use is tough to wash off, but I found an easy peasy way to get rid of it.. and it's simpler than you think. All you gotta do is soak the jar in some super hot soapy water and leave it overnight, if not for a couple of days (the longer the better), and the label should slide right off. Scrub off the left over glue with a rough sponge, and you're good to go! Here's a pic of some of the jars I'm repurposing right now:

I used an old pasta sauce jar for the cotton balls, and a lemon curd jar for the Q-tips. I'm also using some in the kitchen, to make a quick salad dressing, to keep sugar handy, and as drinking glasses, of course. I use them to hold pencils and paint brushes, to organize odds and ends, and to make little terrariums. Worry not, I'll be posting more on those terrariums futurely. Every day I find some new use for the jars I've kept. So stop throwing those jars in the recycling bin, and start soaking them in some hot water, you'll never have to buy a toothbrush holder again!

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