Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Little Things

I'm not a big shopper. I don't go on weekly shopping trips or spend money on frivolous things... usually. But! Money is, after all, just money.. and if you happen to have a little bit extra, I say spend it on something that makes you smile... life's too short not to, people!

So this week I went on a celebratory online shopping semi-spree. That is, I bought 3 things. Three things I don't need, but really wanted. Three things that made me say "Yay!" when I saw them, and "Yay!" again when they arrived in the mail. It was glorious. I want to share these three things with you, to encourage you to reward yourself once in a while. We all work super hard for the things we want in life, we should give ourselves some room to have fun too. A little frivolity never hurt anyone. Actually, it can go a long way to reaffirm our humanity.

This cute little mouse ring!

Aww! It arrived this morning.. so cute! I had a pet mouse named Zesty when I was in high school. I found him while browsing at PetSmart one day. He had a skin condition and was losing his fur. I asked the guy if I could buy him, and the cashier let me have him for free. After a vet visit and some ointment, he was good as new. This ring reminds me of him. The little guy lived a happy mousy life and would always help me clean his cage. He would push all the straw to one end of the cage so I could pick it up easily... This one's for you, Zesty!

Pink Metallic Oxfords... what?!

Brands Christian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Margo Oxford

I got these at Payless... yeah, I did. Christian Siriano does not play games... I cannot wait to wear these.

Finn sweater!

Adventure Time Finn Sweater - 335583

It's no secret that my favorite show of all time is Adventure Time. My affinity for it borders on unhealthy. I just, like it a lot! I don't normally buy clothes depicting things I like. I feel like it shouts stuff... "Aaah! Ilikethisandyoushouldlikeittoo!" But you know what, I really enjoy this sweater, so I bought it. It makes me smile every time I wear it, and how could that be bad?

I hope next time you find something you really really like (and can afford), you just go ahead and buy it. Who cares, you know? The point of being alive is to be happy... it's in the Constitution, for god's sake.. so let's make our forefathers proud and buy the next silly thing that makes us all jolly inside.

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