Monday, February 25, 2013

The Awesomeness Of Being Human

We all struggle to with self-worth. With the idea that we're not living up to the imagined version of who we should be. Like, "I'm (insert age here), I should be (insert goal here) by now!" and that because we haven't achieved said goal yet, we automatically suck. This would be true, if our inherent value was directly correlated with our achievements... a lot of people think it is. I'm here to tell you, It Ain't! Let go of all that "should" crap.

Who we are has nothing to do with what we've achieved. It's the trying that matters. What's that saying? It's the journey, not the destination? We can't treat life like it's a race to the finish... 'cuz you know what's at the finish line? Death.. and we're all gonna get there sooner or later. So you might as well try to have a little fun while you're here. Who wants to waste their life feeling bad about things they haven't accomplished yet? It seems like a losing battle to me. It's like crying because you expected it to rain... enjoy the sunshine, silly!

We are all human (ie imperfect), and in fact, it's those imperfections that make us awesome. Picture a world where everyone is perfect. Everyone's super successful in their chosen field, anything they want just magically appears in front of them... there's never any uncertainty, or tension, or suspense. It would make for a very boring movie, and I believe, a very boring life.

It's the weird, painful, uncontrollable stuff that makes life worth living. It makes you get up every morning, because who knows what the hell's gonna happen.. maybe something good, maybe something awful, and maybe, something you couldn't even fathom! You might turn your head and meet the love of your life. You might turn the corner and fall down a manhole... and that's the fun of it. Embrace the unknown, because darling, you really don't know anyway.

**Sidebar:  I'm reading this book, it's called "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown. If I were to recommend a book to all of you, this would be it. Along with her other book, "Daring Greatly". They've helped me understand feelings I didn't even know I had. But most of all, they've taught me that the best thing I can ever do is be my weird, awkward, imperfect self. And seriously, it's paying off... so read it, you guys... I'm telling you.

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