Thursday, November 15, 2012

On God, or: Why It's Ok To Buy Coconut Water

The more I learn, the less I know. That is to say, as I read, and experience and learn about life, I always end up realizing I don't know anything and I shouldn't make assumptions or "decide how things are", because things are what they are, regardless of what I think of them... am I making any sense? The truth is true, whether I believe it or not. Like, the sky is blue. It just is... and no matter how hard we try to say it isn't, it is.  And frankly, the sky doesn't give a hoot what color you think it is, it will be the color that it is.
I swear I'm not on drugs right now.. just thoughtful, is all...
But I digress, Does God exist? Yes, I think so. But it really doesn't matter what I think, does it? God will exist, or not exist, either way I'll find out when I die.. or I won't.. maybe when you die, you just die. In which case, I won't really care, will I? So how can we know? We can't.

Not necessarily. Certain truths are true because you feel them. Truth is subjective. What is true for you can be complete bull to someone else. Our truth is shaped by our perception. For example, I grew up with coconut palms in my backyard. To me, coconut water is not exotic, I drank it my entire childhood. It does not possess magical health properties. I think it's completely irrational to pay $5 for a bottle of it, since all I ever had to do was pick a coconut off the ground and open it up. It was more available to me than water itself.. and also, it didn't taste that good... coconut water was what you drank when you were at the beach and you ran out of juice boxes, so you open one up with a machete. Yes, that is  my truth. I laugh at you, coconut water buyers, I laugh hard.

But does that make me right, and you wrong? Of course not. You are free to buy your coconut water, and in doing so, feel like you're doing something healthy for your body.. and maybe you are, what do I know? I can still laugh at you, though.. that you can't control.

My point is, believe what feels true to you, and let others do so, as well.. What do you know, anyway? Who are you to say they're wrong? Maybe you're wrong. Maybe they know something you don't know, and how will you learn if you're not open to what they have to say? We are all victims of our perception.. we're trapped by it.. we can only see what our brains have learned to see. Some of us have studied more than others, some of us have experienced horrible things, or amazing things.. for some of us life has been easy, so we've never had to question the beliefs we grew up with... or we've never been faced with a situation that contradicted our view of the world. None of these things make us right or wrong... I think the only "wrong" thing would be to become so adhered to our acquired belief system, that we ignore our own humanity... to err is human, right? So give yourself room to change your mind, to evolve... Don't be like those humans who kill other humans just because they don't believe the same things... that's just stupid, when you think about it.. to hurt someone else just because they challenged your ideals? Ideals aren't real, they're things we make up in our brains.. we say, "The world should be this way..." and then set out to make it so.. be careful, 'cuz that kind of thinking can turn ugly very fast.. just look at any war ever.

In the end, don't we all just want peace and happiness for ourselves and those we love? Can't we just agree to disagree and go eat dinner with our families? Why do we care so much what other people think? Why do we have this need to make everyone else believe what we do? Why can't we just respect each other?

Anyway, do what you want.. just don't hurt anyone in the process.. pretty simple stuff. So do I think God exists? Yes. God exists inside all of us.. he is the representation of our hidden potential..God is what we could be if we just stopped being so stupid and petty.. if we could just shut up and love each other, that is God. But who knows? I could be wrong.

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