Monday, June 6, 2011

Amazing Household Uses for Baking Soda!

So I've been trying to find ways to simultaneously be earth-friendly and save a little money. I have found a new partner on this quest: Baking Soda!
Growing up baking soda was just that little orange box in the back of the fridge.. I never paid any attention to it, I didn't even know you could use it to bake with (my mother was a strictly boxed cake mix kind of gal). I had no idea it could be so useful in so many freakin' ways!


Just dust a little under your arms and you're good to go. I have to admit I was skeptical of this, but I tried it and it kept me fresh all day long. It can be a little irritating to some people, so you could mix it with some corn starch to dilute its potency.

Body Powder

Mix 6 parts corn starch with 1 part baking soda. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or even a spritz of your perfume) shake up and voila! You have a talc-free, super cheap body powder for those humid summer days.
Incidentally, I used to spend like $8 on Burt's Bees all natural body powder. I still had a little left and after looking at the container, guess what the first two ingredients are... yes! Corn starch and baking soda! Why waste your money on Burt's Bees when you can make your own?


Let me be clear, baking soda alone is not a substitute for shampoo. What I do is I keep a little container of it in the shower. I pour a little bit in my palm (about a teaspoon) and mix it in with my shampoo.  As you lather, the baking soda absorbs all the oil and residue from your scalp, leaving your hair squeaky clean. I use it when I have lots of product in my hair, it feels awesome.


If you want to save on mouthwash, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water. Swish around and spit. Your mouth will be instantly clean and refreshed without the burning of alcohol.
For toothpaste all you have to do is dip the bristles of your toothbrush in the baking soda and brush as usual. It doesn't taste very good, but it gets the job done beautifully! It gives your teeth sort of a polished feeling, and I swear, they're whiter!


Pour some in your hot bath to relax your muscles and soften your skin.

There's lots of other uses for baking soda. You can use it to clean and deodorize any room in your house. You can mop with it, clean the tub with it, clean your coffee maker with it... The possibilities are endless.  For more info and ideas go to the arm and hammer website,  click here.

Do you have any uses for baking soda? Let me know, I'm always looking for new ideas!